A Bad-A Day!

See a little behind the scenes and watch her turn into a Boudoir Nashville Bombshell!

Before The Session Starts

When Shirley first arrived at Boudoir Nashville’s studio, she had no idea she was about to have a Bad-A day! She told me she felt really nervous and a big mess…like she wasn’t ready for this!

Prepping For The Session

However, after only a few minutes sitting in the makeup chair, she relaxed and said it was great; Angela’s team made her feel welcome and pretty. It usually takes about an hour and a half for the hair and makeup application. This gives Angela time to get to know you and help you feel more comfortable too. Shirley is an amazing lady that is BAD-A herself. She’s a veteran that served our Country for several years. If I remember correctly, she had two tours in Iraq. Want to get was she did? She was a builder! She continued to surprise us throughout the session on how BAD-A she really was and is!! Overall though, she said she loved being in the service!

During The Session

Then, during the session, we put on some of her favorite music…AC/DC and “Glam-Rocked” it out! In Shirley’s own words, it was a BAD-A day and everyone should absolutely do this! It was awesome!

After The Session

Finally, as she was leaving the studio, she was already talking about her next session. I really love hearing that they enjoyed their session so much they can’t wait to do it again!! That’s a great finish to my day!

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Bad-A day Before and After Look
Every woman deserves a Bad-A day to be pampered and feel extra special!

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