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"loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious revolution you'll ever be apart of. 

"Self confidence is the best outfit.  rock it.  own it."




What on Earth is Boudoir?

 There are so many mistaken beliefs about boudoir photography that I want to shine some light on before we get started...

Got It?  now it's time to see what boudoir really is...

Here's what you need to know. 

"Can a boudoir session really be that incredible?"

- Boudoir is for EVERY single type of women.
- Numbers do NOT define you.
- You don't EVER lose your sexy, no matter your age! Trust me. 
- Many women do it for a gift, and many do it JUST FOR THEMSELVES!
- Women who invest in themselves, go further!
- Finally...Be You. Do You. For You. 

- Boudoir is for EVERY single type of women.
- Numbers do NOT define you.
- You don't EVER lose your sexy, no matter your age! Trust me. 
- Many women do it for a gift, and many do it JUST FOR THEMSELVES!
- Women who invest in themselves, go further!
- Finally...Be You. Do You. For You

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Before & After!

I know what you're thinking as you browse through these images..."These women are gorgeous! They're probably models that walk the runways all the time. They can't be everyday women."

Well, you're half wrong and half right.  These women ARE completely gorgeous! 
That's for sure.

But...what if you're wrong?

Appreciating your body no matter what...even if you haven't reached all your goals.

Embracing your beauty and realizing you're STILL sexy!

Empowering yourself and feeling like you could conquer anything!

Choosing to celebrate yourself with a milestone like a promotion, anniversary, or turning 30, 40, 50, 60+years old!

It's ok to splurge and live a little.  You deserve to feel DROP DEAD GORGEOUS every once in a while!

These strong, beautiful women are your PTA and soccer moms, nurses, doctors, teachers, etc. These women decided to treat themselves to so much more than a manicure or makeover. 

but these are 100% everyday women - wives, mothers, grandmothers, and more.

A "Luxury Boudoir Experience" with Boudoir nashville is a step towards:

Ready? Let's do this. 


Angela is very welcoming and professional!! It’s like hanging out with one of your best girlfriends for the day and having fun!! Single handedly one of the best experiences I have ever had! Thank you so much!!

Miss A

Angela is FANTASTIC. So down to earth and easy to talk to. I was beyond nervous about the whole thing and was constantly reaching out to her asking questions and she was always so welcoming and encouraging. At random times during the shoot she'd show me some of the pictures on her camera and they were so beautiful, she's definitely very talented and knows her stuff! We kept an easy conversation going the whole time and you can tell she loves what she does. She had water and snacks available at all times for me and overall there was literally nothing she could have done to make me feel more at ease and comfortable. Then when we sat down to go through all the pictures, I was blown away! They were magical. I definitely recommend everyone to go to her. Don't let any insecurities stop you from going to her either, she WILL work with you and won't shoot anything you wouldn't feel comfortable with doing. Just do it! I promise you'll enjoy yourself 🤍

Miss r

The most amazing thing I have ever experienced!!! The nerves dissipated as soon as I walked in. Angela made me feel so comfortable and confident and coached me through every step. I felt absolutely beautiful after Bree rocked my hair and makeup! I couldn’t believe it was actually me in those pictures!!! I cried when I saw my images. If you’re on the fence about doing this, JUST DO IT!!!! It’s an investment in yourself and I will never forget this!! Added bonus: Even got mad cuddles and love from the kitty (Chloe)!!! 😻

Miss A

Angela is the sweetest!! She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin even if you’re not. She also laughs with you. My favorite thing about her is how genuine she is. After the photo shoot she shows you the photos and lets you pick out the ones you want. Very professional and sweet. Love her!! ♥️

Miss E

“i cried when i saw my images.”

“I was beyond nervous about the whole thing...”

“She makes you feel comfortable in your own skin even if you're not.”

“Single handedly one of the best experiences i have ever had!”

Love Notes

Testimonials from WOMEN that took the leap!




You are

Unveil your inner


I want to do this, but i'm so nervous.

i have no idea how to pose, i've never done this you help?

You're not alone.  Everyone is nervous!  It is perfectly normal.  You will have a great time though and when you see your gorgeous images, it'll be totally worth it!

We will definitely tell you how to pose all the way to your fingertips and where to look.  All you have to do it show up and have fun!

Almost all of our sessions take place in Angela's home studio in Mt Juliet, TN.  We have several sets to choose from.  Even your hair and makeup gets done right on location. 

There are some clients who want their session in a hotel.  If that's what you want, just let Angela know which hotel you're thinking about.  The client is responsible for booking the hotel room.  We also like to travel for boudoir sessions and would love to chat with you!

I have a wonderful hair and makeup artist that works with me on almost every shoot.  You don't have to worry about a thing, it's all included in the retainer fee.

Brie, is a professional makeup artist in the Greater Nashville Area.  She works with celebrities, music videos, weddings and enjoys boudoir and helping to pamper our clients!  

what about hair and makeup?

Where will my boudoir session happen?


You got this


Everything you need to know to Make Your Perfect Session a Reality

I am a full time certified professional photographer(CPP) located in Mt Juliet TN; just outside of Nashville city limits.  I'm a single parent of 4 grown kids and one grandbaby!  I cherish family time...which becomes less as they get older.  I also love caramel macchiato coffee, listening to the ocean, and sleeping during a rain-storm.

I work hard and love what I do!  There is nothing more rewarding in my career than making my clients feel as gorgeous as they really are.

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Angela Seats, CPP


Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you!



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