Behind The Scenes: Client Orders

Behind The Scenes: Client Orders
Client Order Pickup Day

So Many Deliveries

To start, I don’t know about you, but I order almost everything online and that means almost everyday something is being delivered to the studio. From beautiful custom luxury albums and heirloom boxes to supplies. You can watch this Behind The Scenes: Client Orders video of Angela opening up a delivery of some branded items. Boudoir Nashville branded client order bags were what came on this particular day.

Talking About The Packaging

We love presenting our clients their beautiful boudoir images in pretty packaging. It’s all part of the luxury experience you get from Boudoir Nashville by Angela’s Photography. We have clients tell us all the time how much they love our bags and even that they were looking forward to getting their bag from us because they’ve seen others get theirs. You can see some of these beautiful clients opening their orders in our women only VIP Facebook group.

How They Decide What To Order

Every client gets to place their order on the same day of their shoot just after they take an hour long lunch break. We do everything all in the same day…professional hair and makeup, the shoot, the break, and then the ordering appt. It is here that Angela will help them customize their order by deciding how many images they may want, what type of album, along with choosing material for their album and box. You will see and touch samples during your ordering appt too. The luxury albums are handcrafted in Portugal. Angela was very selective and chose the labs she uses based on their high quality products and customer service.

Client Pickup Day

Finally, to wrap this up(no pun intended),🤣 Client pickup days are some of my favorite…it’s like Christmas at the studio!!! I feel like Oprah, “Gifts for you, you, and you!!!” So, now I’m going to ask, “When are you going to book your session and get yours?” 🙂 You can schedule a FREE phone consult to learn all about a boudoir session with Angela by using this LINK!

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