Celebrating New Life and A Gift For You

I recently had the incredible joy of photographing my daughter, Celeena, during her maternity shoot. Capturing this beautiful season in her life was an absolute honor, and it reminded me of the profound importance of preserving these fleeting moments. Maternity boudoir photography is more than just a trend, it’s a celebration of the incredible journey into motherhood, a way to embrace and honor the strength and beauty of expectant mothers.

Maternity boudoir photo in a lovely fluffy pink glamorous gown.
In hopes that we might get a girl, I did a photo in this pink gown. They didn’t know what they were having until he was born. 😊

When Should You Book Your Session?

For all the expectant mothers out there, I always recommend booking your maternity session around the 7-8 month mark. This timing ensures that the baby bump is beautifully prominent, and it provides a window before the final weeks when comfort might be more of a challenge. We learned this lesson firsthand with Celeena’s session; we almost missed the opportunity as my second grandson decided to make an early entrance just one week after the photoshoot!

Beautiful and elegant white maternity gown.
We picked this elegant looking gown because she liked the form fitting look and how it highlighted her baby bump.

All Luxury Sessions Get The Full Experience

Boudoir Nashville provides a complete experience for our clients, including professional hair and makeup services and access to our growing maternity client closet. Celeena looked stunning, and the professional touches made her feel even more special and confident during the shoot.

Flowy material tossed in the air for a beautiful maternity photo.
Now, this one was my idea. I wanted to wrap this material around her to create a dress look and have the flowy wings fluttering about. We had quite the fun time having my other daughter, Zoe, and my son-in-law, Derrek, tossing the material…it’s definitely an art form. Haha!! You can always follow Boudoir Nashville on Instagram to see more of their work.

A 3am Wakeup Call and an 8 hr drive

The arrival of my grandson was nothing short of dramatic. I had meticulously planned to be there for his birth, blocking off the week before and after his due date. However, babies have their own schedules! When Celeena’s water broke, we hopped in the car as I was hoping to be there, but my grandson was eager to get here, arriving within just four hours. Despite the quick delivery, I was able to spend an entire week with them, supporting their transition into a beautiful family of four.

A Gift for You

Now, thanks to his early arrival, I have a few unexpected session openings in the first week of June which I had originally blocked off for his birth. This is a special opportunity for anyone looking to capture their own precious moments. If you’re interested in booking a maternity boudoir session or a regular boudoir session, I have a special gift for you!  

Reach out and text 615-576-8500 for the details of my special offer:  3 sessions for FREE the first week of June only (products and prints sold separately). Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to celebrate and document your own journey whether into motherhood with maternity boudoir photography, or for your birthday, anniversary, wedding or just a much needed self-love day.

Let’s book your session and ensure that these moments and milestones are captured forever.

  1. Jill Wagoner says:

    The best gift I gave my self! It was an empowering and self loving experience.

  2. Tracy Oros says:

    Jill Wagoner, well said!
    That is exactly how I describe it! So empowering and fulfilling! If I’m having a moment when I’m not feeling quite as amazing as I should, I look through my album, and I am reminded that I am beautiful, strong, amazing and fierce! Angela is amazing to work with! I cannot say enough amazing things about this experience!

  3. Destiny Noe says:

    I had an absolute amazing time doing my shoot. Angela is fantastic.

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