Do You Need A Reason?

Her Story

Do you need a reason to book a boudoir session? Not really, but Miss A had a couple reasons she applied to our Body Love Project(BLP). First, she’s getting married in October. Second, she’s starting to become more confident in her body again. Miss A shared that she went through several years of an abusive relationship. She said that really tore down her confidence. But now she is finally getting back to being herself again. She’s learning to not be afraid to be different. She’s really embracing the fact that she is what she calls a “classy goth”.  So doing this boudoir shoot was a great way to help her confidence grow. Plus, it’s also going to be an amazing wedding present she can share with her fiancé.

The Session

When planning for Miss A’s session, she expressed how she loved black and the darker side of things. Her look and vibe was absolutely amazing. Miss A wanted to express herself and be authentic. Brie, the makeup artist, knew just what to do and did an awesome job giving her that look and making her eyes pop too. We had so much fun during the session…we laughed, danced, maybe sang a little, plus we played some of her favorite music. I also knew there was going to be a lot of my favorite color for outfits…black! Haha! However, I love that she brought in a pair of her favorite jammies too. And finally, we finished strong with silver-gray satin sheets!

After The Session

I always love hearing how the experience leaves each beautiful client feeling. Do you need a reason to feel this way? No, I think every woman should do a session at least once in their lifetime. Here’s what Miss A said about her shoot, “I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!! Angela is such an amazing photographer and helps you to feel so comfortable in your own skin. I forgot all about my nervousness and had an absolute blast!!! For anyone on the fence, I say go for it. It’s something you won’t regret and will always remember.”

How To Learn More

Let me ask, do you need a reason to book a session? Here are some reasons to pick from…wedding, divorce, breakup, new relationship, weight loss, need a confidence boost, never done anything like it before, try something new, or just because. You decide, then reach out to Angela and let her guide you through the process of planning your DREAM SHOOT!

Send her a message at 615-576-8500, check out her website Boudoir Nashville or schedule a FREE Phone Consult. You can also join her VIP group for women only on facebook. This is a great place to get to know her better!

HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist): Brie Beckman @ Brie Beckman Beauty

Do you need a reason to look amazing in a little black dress?
Do you need a reason to look like a super model? Our makeup artist did an amazing job bringing out her gorgeous features.
Do you need a reason to put on a pair of jammies and be sexy at the same time?
This sexy pose, her hair, and bralette make this image FIRE!
We pulled out these new silver-gray satin sheets.  Love how they compliment her look.

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